Equatorial Guinea, 10 May 2022 - The Philippine Embassy in Abuja concluded its final leg of field voting activities for the 2022 National and Local Elections (NLE) in Equatorial Guinea. The Embassy's two-person team conducted field voting in the cities of Malabo and Bata, as well as provided consular services from 03 May to 09 May 2022. 

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Mr. Ramir Fesalbon (right) as SBEI Poll Clerk, with the first Overseas Filipino to vote in Malabo.

SBEI Poll Clerk Mr. Ramir Fesalbon and SBRCG Chair Mr. Florentino Granada conducted the field voting activities along with providing consular services. The Embassy sent a team to Equatorial Guinea to ensure that overseas Filipino voters in EG are able to exercise their right to vote, after it has been made apparent that relying on postal services to deliver the electoral packets might result to disenfrachisement of our kababayans.

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Mr. Florentino Granada, SBRCG Chair, with registered overseas Filipino voters in Malabo.



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The Embassy team takes a photo with the members of the FilCom in Bata.

The Embassy has commenced counting of votes, and is expected to finish by tomorrow, 11 May 2022. - END